The Walking Dead

I just watched the newest episode.  I had too much going on to watch it Sunday.  So this morning I wake up, smoke me a nice blunt, and make a bowl of the finest Cap’n Crunch Berries a nigga never seen.

I get to the last few minutes of the episode and I’m like:

Sweet Lord Jesus I almost lost my appetite.

They are wildin’ for that.  I knew they had alluded to it for a while but I didn’t know it was about to go down like that.

In the illustrious words of Russell Westbroke, “Ya’ll niggas trippin’”



Edge of the Spider-Verse Solicits making dreams come true.

This is too freaking awesome

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Maxing Out My Cool

I feel so free. I cannot begin to describe what I feel in words that would adequately illustrate this freedom.

This vibe feels like seeing a person you haven’t seen a long time. That smile creeps across your face and the warmth you feel from within. We’ve met before. This person and I. He was fucking cool. Worry was not a habit for this guy.

We meet again. He’s back. I’m back. I’m feeling myself.


This is in my top 5

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I’m so on right now.

Got half the mind to tell the rest of them they suck right now.